Recover Data from MacBook Air Hard Drive

MacBook Air is one the most famous brand of notebook computers manufactured by Apple Inc. which is widely used all over the world due to its outstanding features and efficient performance. It is lighter, thinner and even better from previous notebook computers. It is equipped with new technology battery which having all day battery life. It comes with a collection of creative and productive apps for thing you do in life like browsing, mailing, watching movies, playing games, booking tickets, etc.

Even with so many features like other computer’s hard drive, there is also a chance of data loss from MacBook Air hard drive due to known and unknown reasons. Despite of taking precaution for securing data you can’t deny from being a victim of data loss from MacBook Air hard drive. Thus you should be aware to get rid of data loss problem from MacBook Air, as it may come anytime in front of you. Data loss may occur due to various reasons such as system crash, malware programs, hardware error, human error, etc. After losing data due to such reasons, many users think that MacBook Air hard drive recovery is not possible and data has been lost forever.

But now it is possible to recover MacBook Air hard drive by using recovery tools, which you can find on internet. As data stored on you MacBook Air hard drive is very important, you should be very careful while choosing MacBook Air hard drive recovery software as any unreliable tool may create another problem like corruption of your data and make them unrecoverable forever. There is a MacBook Air hard drive recovery tool, named as “Hard Drive Recovery Utility” which is most used and recommended by the experts to opt for MacBook Air hard drive recovery with 100% accuracy. By using this tool you can easily restore MacBook Air hard drive data based on its file signature. This utility cab be useful to recover data from external hard drive of various brands like Seagate, WD Passport, Dell, SanDisk, Iomega external hard drive, and so on.

Major factors due to which data can be loss from MacBook Air hard drive

Accidental Deletion: All stored data in your MacBook Air hard drive may not be always important; some of them may not need longer. You should delete such files and make space to store new files, but while deleting unwanted files by mistake you may delete important files too.

File System Corruption: File system contains detail information about files and folders stored in the MacBook Air hard drive. If the file system damage or corrupt anyhow it will make files and folder unreachable from the operating system.

Unintentional Formatting: Sometime user may format some other volume or storage device in spite of formatting any other volume. Such mishaps will lead to large data loss from MacBook Air hard drive.

Bad Sector: These sectors are created due to some errors, and files and folder stored in these location becomes inaccessible.

Emptying Trash: It general process to clean temporary files manually on MacBook Air to increase performance. While cleaning such temporary files you may also clean trash which contains references of deleted files, and make possible to retrieve those. After emptying trash you have to use recovery tools to restore data from MacBook Air hard disk drive.

Other Reasons: Besides above mentioned factors there are more reasons due to which data can be loss from MacBook Air hard drive such as MBR corruption, system crash, abrupt shutting down of MacBook Air, etc.

Precautions need to take for MacBook Air hard drive recovery

As soon as you get know that data has been lost from MacBook Air hard drive, you should stop using hard drive to store new files. As new files may overwrite the deleted files, which are still in the hard drive and decrease the probability of recovery.

Exciting features of Hard Drive Recovery Utility

Hard Drive Recovery Utility is one of the best MacBook Air hard drive recovery software, which is developed by experts of data recovery to retrieve MacBook Air hard drive. It has inbuilt powerful algorithm which scans the entire hard drive within short span of time recover MacBook Air hard drive. It is an automated process with great user friendly GUI which enables any novice user to recover MacBook Air hard drive without worrying about how to recover MacBook Air hard drive. It also supports data recovery from other storage device such as external hard drive, memory card, FireWire, etc. It is capable enough to recover almost all types of files including images, videos, MP3, text, documents, excel, word, PPT, etc. There is another version of this utility also available for Windows OS to recover data from hard drive after reinstalling Windows.

Steps to recover data on MacBook Air

Step 1: First download and install this software in a healthy computer and then connect your MacBook Air hard drive or removable USB drive, from which you want to recover data. Then run this software and select "Recover Volumes/ Drivers" option from the main window. From the next screen select "Partition Recovery" or "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery" option.

MacBook Air Hard Drive Recovery- Main Screen

Step 2: Now your connected drive will be displayed on the  screen, you should select your drive and then click on “Next” option to start data recovery from the selected volume or drive.

MacBook Air Hard Drive Recovery Process - Select Drive

Step 3: Finally, you will get a list of recovered data and you can check all required data from it using “File Type View” option. Once you are satisfied with the files available in the recovered list, you can save them after purchasing the software.

Recovered Data From MacBook Air Hard Drive - Preview Screen

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