NTFS File Recovery Tool

NTFS is a reliable and high-performance file system used on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Windows server 2003, 2008. It supports large partitions, file compression and file security. The advanced features of NTFS are ability to encrypt the data stored on hard disk, to protect your files and folders. Even though, it is a more secure file system, sometimes you can lose valuable files from it. The Recycle Bin can allow you to restore deleted files but unfortunately there are some situations where you cannot find the lost files inside the Recycle Bin. However, you can retrieve lost files with the help of NTFS hard disk recovery software.

This software can help you to access deleted or lost files from hard disk at various scenarios such as hard drive damage, virus attack, partition corruption, mistakenly formatting or re-formatting a partition, partition table corruption, accidentally emptying Recycle Bin, etc. Even if you encounter any of these problems, the data is still intact on your NTFS hard disk. You can lose files permanently only if they are overwritten with the fresh data. Thus you can get access on these files using a suitable application i.e. recovery software.

Using this software you can easily recover NTFS partition when it is deleted, missed or corrupted due to any of the logical errors. Click here to read more about it. This NTFS recovery software was designed with a strong algorithm to extract partition data as well as the root directory information. Sometimes you need to delete a partition because of virus infection, file system damage and other similar unresolved errors. In such circumstances, you can undelete the lost data from the formatted NTFS partition simply by following the steps provided in the software. Visit this link to know more about recovering formatted data.

Along with internal hard disk recovery, it is also capable to perform file recovery from external hard disk (SATA / SCSI / IDE) which is having NTFS file system. It can utilize inbuilt scanning technology to retrieve various encrypted files from the disk such as DOC file, PPT, EXL, etc. This software is also powerful to retrieve lost pictures & other media files like music, videos, etc and you can get idea on how to retrieve photos before purchasing the software since the demo version can allow you to view recovered photos using “Preview” option. One can also get this software to recover compressed file, folder or entire NTFS volume. You can get back the entire content safely that is stored in a NTFS compressed folder. Thus, the files stored in NTFS hard disk are compressed or encrypted; you can easily recover them by making use of this reliable and secure data recovery application.

To recover NTFS hard disk using this software, there is no need to get the help of computer experts as it is designed with a user-friendly interface. You can use it yourself at your home. You can use this tool on all versions of Windows operating systems including Windows 8. You can also view the recovered files list before restoration that is you can evaluate file recovery results with the help of “Preview” option. Then you can save the recovered files in any storage media such as hard drive, external storage devices, FireWire drives, etc.

Steps to perform NTFS hard disk data recvoery

Step 1: First download and install demo verison of this software in a healthy computer. Then connect your NTFS hard disk externally to this computer and run the recovery utility by double clicking on the desktop icon. From the main page select "Recover partitions / drives" option.

Recover Data from NTFS Hard Drive - Main Page

Fig. A: Main Page

Step 2: Now you will get the next WIndow with a list of drives, from which select your "NTFS hard disk" and then continue with the "Next" option to start file recovery process as shown in Fig B.

Recover Data from NTFS Hard disk - Select drive

Fig. B: Select hard disk

Step 3: Once the recovery process is completed, you will get the list of recovered files. You can view these files based on their unique signature with the help of "File Type View" option as shown in Fig C.

Recover Data from NTFS Hard disk - Preview Recovered Data

Fig. C: Preview Recovered Data

If you satisfied with the file recovery result obtained through demo version of the software, you can save all recovered photos, videos, audio files, text file, etc in any healthy storage device by purchasing license key of this software.