Recover Laptop Data after Partition Table Corruption

It happened far more often than you have ever imagined!!! The hard drive of your laptop is unable to boot the day before the big report is due. You got an error message flashing on your laptop screen like “Invalid partition table”. Nothing can be more frustrating than this!!! You would have been lucky if you would be having the recent backup files of the hard drive data. Now what to do??? You don’t even have a backup of the hard drive data!!! Don’t lose your patience!!! You can still recover the data from inaccessible Laptop hard drive even though you don’t have a backup. All this can be possible using Hard Drive Recovery Tool. This effective software is capable enough to deal with almost all sorts of data storage issues and resolve them.

The partition table is located on the first sector of any hard disk that keeps information about the partitions on the HDD. The operating system creates the directory structure for the partitions on the hard drive from the time when they are created. At the time of booting the operating system reads the partition table and mounts the partitions after reading the information stored in the partition table. If the partition table itself becomes corrupt, then the operating system fails to find the partitions on the hard drive and hence all the partitions become inaccessible.

Some of the well known reasons that leads to a HDD partition table to get corrupt are discussed below:

Interrupted/improper hard drive resizing: The partition table could get damaged as a result of interrupted hard drive repartitioning process. This could happen due to improper usage of disk utility, user mistakes, sudden power failure, improper system shut down, software malfunction etc.

Unexpected system shutdown: The partition table can directly be affected due to accidental system shut down or sudden power outage. Unexpected shutting down of the computer when the hard drive data are still in use corrupts the partition table severely which ultimately results in hard drive data inaccessibility.

Malware attack: The partition table of the hard drive can be corrupted due to virus attack. Certain viruses attach themselves to the hard drive files and result in truncation of some essential components of it. Some viruses multiply themselves rapidly until there is little disk space left on the hard drive. The entire hard drive data gets corrupted and so the partition table leading to severe data loss.

Interference of recently installed software: The partition table on the hard drive can also be damaged due to interference of recently installed software. If the recently updated / installed software is not compatible enough with the OS or some previously installed software, then it affects the hard drive data including the partition table.

To perform a complete recovery of your lost hard drive data, you need to make sure that the affected hard drive should not be used after partition table corruption. The hard drive should be removed and kept separately until the lost hard drive data are retrieved so that you can avoid permanent data loss. The hard drive should not be repartitioned or reformatted after data loss. You should install the hard drive recovery tool on any other healthy computer’s hard drive and just connect the affected hard drive to it during data recovery process.

The hard drive recovery tool is one of the best software to restore SATA hard drive data deleted / lost due to any data loss scenario provided the lost data should not be overwritten. The software can easily recover external hard drive after improper drive usage or corrupted partitions. In case the hard drive data is inaccessible due to bad sectors, then also this software can help you out to restore dead hard drive data. It can retrieve Seagate hard drive data from bad sectors that are created after rigorous read / write process or Overclocking. The main attraction of this software is, its compatibility with both Windows and Mac OS X. Along with Windows OS, it can restore data from Mac Iomega hard drive running OS X, 10.5 x and above versions.

By empowering this HDD recovery tool, you can effortlessly retrieve files from hard disk after reinstalling Windows different versions such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, etc.

The steps to retrieve hard drive data inaccessible due to corruption in partition table are as follows:

Step-1: Grab the demo version of hard drive recovery utility on a healthy computer’s hard drive and connect the affected hard drive to it. Launch the software and select “Recover Partitions / Drives” in the welcome screen. Then you’ll get a new window with two different options like “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted / Re Formatted Recovery”. Select the 2nd option.

Hard Drive Recovery Utility - Main Window

Step-2: After that select the drive from which you want to recover the data and choose “Next” option. The data recovery procedure will start as soon as you click on the “Next” option. You can view all the recovered data with their necessary details once the recovery process completes.

Hard Drive Recovery Utility - Preview Window

The best option to avoid hard drive data loss in the future is to keep regular backup of your important hard drive files. Use a UPS to avoid corruption due to sudden power outage. Update your PC with powerful Antivirus program to avoid hard drive corruption.

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