Get Back MacBook Hard Drive Data

MacBook developed by Apple Inc. has set the standard of PC industry since its arrival i.e. from early 2006 to the late 2011. In 2015 Apple has re-launched the MacBook with more changes. The inception of MacBook to the industry has helped in boosting quality standards of all the brands. It's two different models i.e. MacBook Pro and MacBook Air with its advanced features have challenged the entire notebook series.

The predominant storage device that people almost prefer to store data is always the hard disk drive of MacBook. They will not bear in mind the possibilities of losing data while organizing data inside the MacBook. The priceless documents, photos, videos and other files resides in the hard drive of MacBook. What will be running in your mind? If by any reason your hard disk of MacBook failed or got crashed. It will feel like stars around your head after encountering such a situation.

Reasons for hard drive failure are not well studied in most cases. Gaining more knowledge about the causes of hard drive failure will be really handy. If your hard drive fails physically then it's hard to recover data, but if hard drive fails due to any logical reason then you have the high chance recovering your entire hard drive on MacBook.

Causes of data loss from MacBook hard drive:

  • MBR corruption on MacBook will cause inaccessibility of data, if it's not rectified quickly will lead to hard drive failure.
  • File system corruption is another reason for the gradual failure of hard drive on MacBook. This normally happens due to formatting and reformatting processes.
  • Virus infiltration on hard drive may also lead to the death of hard drive on MacBook.
  • Long time use hard drive, due to more bad sectors, catalog file corruption, journal corruption are other causes leading to gradual failure of hard drive.

Hard drive normally shows symptoms before failing by means of error messages like "The disk is damaged" if you notice such kind of error messages then you should think of taking a backup of hard drive before the hard drive on MacBook crashes completely. But if you didn't encounter with these warnings by your MacBook and don't have the backup also, still there is no need to get worried as Hard Drive Recovery Utility is an ideal to recover MacBook hard drive data .

Designed specifically to get back data from formatted or crashed MacBook hard drive. The entire scanning of crashed MacBook volume consumes very less time, and the list of types of files stored in it is generated by the application. This utility helps to recover data from HFS+, HFS, FAT, HFSX and other file systems on MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook Mini, etc. If you want to know how to recover files from MacBook Air drive, then visit this page:

Major features of Hard Drive Recovery Utility:

  • Hard Drive Recovery Utility scans the entire MacBook hard drive and recovers data from lost, deleted, re-formatted Mac volume. The recovered data can be stored in preferred storage location.
  • This utility is also has the ability to recover corrupted partition from external hard disk, SSD hard drive and other storage devices on MacBook.
  • User Interface is highly effective that gives faster accessing ability to the user, the transition between processes is done smoothly which helps to recover MacBook hard drive data easily.
  • Hard Drive Recovery Utility demo version can be utilized by users to test its performance and efficiency. It contains all features except save option
  • This utility has the ability to identify and retrieve almost all major file formats of picture, video, documents and compressed documents.
  • Application also helps to retrieve data from dead hard disk drive completely on Mac by connecting the hard drive externally
  • Resuming process of scanning is a real advantage with this utility, it helps the user to save time. If the process has to be temporarily stopped for some reason, just close it then a prompt to save recovery session will get displayed.
  • Preview of the recovered files on MacBook, before saving the restored files can have a look at the healthy file to verify it.

Steps to recover lost data from MacBook:

Step 1: First download this software into a healthy computer and then connect your hard drive or removable drives, from which you want to recover data. Then run this software and select "Recover Volumes/Drives" option from the main window.

Step 2: Now your connected MacBook drive will be displayed on the next screen, you should select your drive and then click on "Next" option to start MacBook hard drive data recovery from the selected volume or drive.

Step 3: Finally, it will display a list of recovered files in its interface and you can select the data you want to restore from it using "File Type View"option. If you are satisfied with the files available in the recovered list, you will be able to save them by registering the software.


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