Restore Seagate HDD Data having Bad Sectors

Your Laptop freezed during the start up, when you tried to access your Seagate hard drive in it!!!! You were shocked to see it. You waited for a long time hoping that it will respond after sometime. But no response!!! You abruptly shut down the computer and tried to log in again. But the next time, it asked you to run the disk checking utility. You felt a bit relaxed thinking that after running the disk checking utility everything will be as usual. But all your happiness came to an end when the disk utility failed repeatedly by throwing the same error message each time!!! Now what should be done??? Did you lose all your Seagate hard drive data forever???

Don’t be disheartened!!! The root cause of this problem is bad sector in your Seagate hard drive. However, you can easily restore your Seagate hard drive using Hard Disk Recovery Utility which is one of the best data recovery software. It can create a disk image to retrieve data from hard drive having bad sectors. This software is able to create disk image only if the hard drive having bad sector is recognizable by the Operating System.

Bad sectors are nothing but unusable or unused sectors in the hard disk that are unfit for storing data further. Though Seagate is the leading hard drive manufacture, still the hard drives are not free from common hard drive related issues like that of bad sectors. These bad sectors decrease the system performance. The hard disk with bad sectors will maximize the time for data transferring and more often the computer hangs without the intention of the user. Even disk checking utility fails to fix bad sectors on the hard drive.

Some common factors that cause bad sectors on the hard drive are discussed in details below. These reasons can be both physical and logical. However, the software we are suggesting successfully deals with the logical related issues. If the problem is related to logical damage of hard disk, no matter which file system is using in it i.e. FAT or NTFS, this software can retrieve all files within few minutes. To know the procedure required to recover NTFS hard disk, you just visit this link.

Read / write process intensified: Perform a constant read / write operations on a HDD then head spin increases causing bad sectors on it.

Overheat: When hard disk is exposed to more heat new bad sectors gets formed due to physical damage. As these hard drives are used for a longer period, due to some problems in configuration you may end up in data loss as a impact of bad sectors.

Over clocking: Process of operating the micro hardware components of a computer at a non recommended speed is called over clocking. Bad sectors may be created on the hard drive due to Overclocking.

Software Error: The applications installed on the drive sometimes may work ruged likeinstructing the hard disk to write unusable data to the unpermissable hard drive sectors. When the system attempts to retrieve that particular information and finds it unusable, then it assumes that sector of the hard drive as unusable.

Frequent power failures: When the hard drive performing read/write process and if there is any power surge or failure then the HDD will be affected badly. Unintensional shutdowns and restarts in the middle of a read / write process affects the hard drive functioning and ending in generation of bad sectors.

Due to virus: Virus is a destructive program that damages the boot sectors. If the boot sectors get severely affected then you will not able to access the data from that specific sector resulting in data loss

The features of this software that will help you to restore data from the Seagate hard drive are as follows:

It has the ability to create a sector by sector copy of hard disk with bad sectors called as a disk image. You can later recover the hard disk data from the disk image. Apart from formatted hard drive recovery, the software supports data recovery from external hard drives, USB drives, FireWire drives and many more storage devices. It can restore corrupted external hard drive successfully.

The software allows you to retrieve different types of files like videos, audios, images, documents etc from the damaged hard drive. It can even execute Iomega external hard drive recovery on Mac operating system. The software allows you to restore hard drive data despite of the complexity of the data loss scenario. It can retrieve Laptop hard drive after partition table corruption due to power outage or virus attack. The demo version of this software offers you a chance to evaluate the recovery results.

Steps that will help you to retrieve data from Seagate hard disk drive having bad sectors:

Step 1: Launch the Hard Drive Recovery Software in order to create a disk image. Now, select “Recover Partitions/Drives” from the main screen and then select “Partition Recovery” option to start the data recovery process.

Hard Drive Recovery Utility - Create Disk Image

Step 2: Select the drive that has bad sectors in order to create disk images. After selecting the drive, select “Save image file” option from the Tools option.

Hard Drive Recovery Utility - Create Disk Image

Step 3: Now, again download and launch the application on another healthy system and connect the removable storage device where the disk image file is stored and repeat the Step 2. Select “Open image files” option from the Tool option to start the data recovery process. View recovered data once the data recovery process is over.

Hard Drive Recovery Utility - View recovered data

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