Retrieve Iomega External Hard Drive on Mac

Iomega External hard drives are popular among the computer users due its exclusive features like stylish models, faster read / write speeds and huge storage capacity. They are mainly used for data backup purpose as they are portable and can retain data for a long time without any power supply. Despite of such lucrative features, the Iomega external hard drives do suffer from data loss scenarios.

Suppose, you own a MacBook Air with Mac OS X Lion installed in it. You have backed up some of your important files on your Iomega 500 GB external hard drive previously. Now you urgently need those files from the external drive. Therefore, copy those files to your computer. Initially the Mac finder was able to pick the connected external drive, but the problem starts just after that. When you clicked on the Iomega hard drive on your computer, the finder took a long time to access it, and then crashed!!! You tried to access the same external hard drive in some other computer using different USB cables, but nothing could access it!!!

The Iomega external hard drive which you have chosen to store your precious data is inaccessible itself!!! What should be done now??? Did you lose your precious data forever???

If you have assumed that you have lost them forever, then you are completely wrong. Data from the Iomega external hard drive can still be retrieved. You will be able access all the data from it using Hard Drive Recovery Program. This is one of the best hard drive recovery software that can restore data from your Iomega external hard drive lost due to any complex data loss scenarios.

However, you should better know the scenarios that could have caused or can cause data loss from your Iomega external hard drive. This may help you to understand the data recovery process in a better way as well as to avoid the occurrence of such scenarios in the future.

Virus Attack:  The Iomega hard drive might have been corrupted. The main reason behind the corruption is virus attack. Using the same external hard drive in different computers can make it virus infected if some of the computers are already virus infected. That may be the reason behind the external hard drive is not detected by your Mac computer. The Iomega hard drive might also get damaged due to malfunction of some Window based application on your Mac based computer.

Improper Usage: The Iomega hard drive can be badly affected due to improper usage. For e.g.  Abrupt removal of the Iomega external hard drive from the computer while some of its files are being used can corrupt the file system in the external hard drive. The Iomega external hard drive may show format error or I/O error after the abrupt removal.

Accidental Deletion / Formatting: Data from the Iomega hard drive can also lost due to accidental deletion of some useful files. You may unintentionally delete some files off the external hard drive resulting in data loss. Formatting the external hard drive accidentally also deletes all data from it beyond user’s access. These accidentally deleted files are still intact on drive and you can access these deleted files on Mac, using a right application. You can visit here, to get the best software, which enables you to restore deleted files on Mac OS.

Power Outage: Accidental computer shut down when the Iomega external hard drive is connected to the computer affects its file system and hence the data stored in it. The Iomega external hard drive may become inaccessible to you after accidental system shutdown or instant power failure.

In all the above cases, you can easily retrieve data from Iomega external hard drive using hard drive restore tool. However, you should keep the external hard drive unused until the data from it are recovered. This will reduce the chances of inaccessible data getting overwritten.

Now you should know the features and functionalities of this software in details. The software can restore data from external hard drives, hard drives, FireWire drives and many more storage devices deleted / lost due to any complex data loss scenarios. The user can even restore files from a partition table corrupted laptop hard drive. It works both on Windows and Mac OS X effectively to restore hard drive data. The software can even retrieve data from corrupt external hard disk due to virus attack or file system corruption. It supports data recovery on hard drive types like SATA, SCSI, IDE and many more. This software allows you to restore Seagate hard disk with bad sectors created after Overclocking or frequent power failures. You can also estimate the data recovery chances using the demo version of this software.

Restore your Iomega external hard drive data by just following the steps mentioned below:

Step-1: Download and install the demo version of hard drive recovery software on your computer’s hard drive and connect the Iomega external hard drive to it. After launching the software select “Recover Volumes / Drives” from the main screen. Then select any option between “Volume Recovery” and “Formatted / Re Formatted Recovery” depending on your data loss scenario.

Hard Drive Recovery Utility - Main Screen

Step-2: After that select the Iomega external hard drive as the drive from which the files are to be restored and select “Next”. The data recovery procedure will start as soon as you click on the “Next” option. You can view all the recovered data with their necessary details once the recovery process completes.

Hard Drive Recovery Utility - Create Disk Image

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