SATA Hard Drive Recovery Software

Hard drive recovery software provides solution to recover all types of data from inaccessible SATA hard drive. In hard disk we store important data including photos, documents, and files and so on, but unfortunately we might loss data by accidentally formatting sata hard drive. After that you may think how to recover those deleted data. Definitely we can recover by using hard drive recovery software. It has a capability of restoring data from corrupted external hard disk. This recovery tool is recovers data with few clicks only and it too friendly to use it.

Let us see some major factors which might causes loss of data from SATA hard drive:

  • Bad sectors: presence of bad sectors in hard drive which might causes to loss of data.
  • Malware attacks: It plays a major role in loss of data, dangerous virus which corrupts file system and even data present in hard disk.
  • Power failure: If power suddenly failure while hard disk in use which might damage the hard disk.
  • Formatting had drive: accidentally formatting hard disk or deleting folders by pressing shift + delete keyword which deletes the data permanently from hard drive.
  • Hard drive might loss data due to fragmentation.

Data recovery software which gives resolution to above mentioned scenarios of deletion of data from hard drive. Not only sata hard drive, it can restore data from external Seagate hard drive and other drives which are affected from presence of bad sectors that are created after meticulous read / write process or over clocking. Recovery tool which scans hard drive in deep to recover lost data. It uses built in algorithms to recover deleted data from hard drive and it supports both windows and Mac OS.

Hard drive data recovery tool which recovers all sorts of data including photos, media files, documents and so on. It can restore laptops hard disk after partition file system corruption due to presence of bad sectors in it. Data which is completely deleted from hard drive and data which is lost due to fragmentation can be recovered from this software. It supports data recovery on hard drives types like SATA, SCSI, IDE and many more.

Sometimes we may loss data while moving data from master hard disk to slave hard disk due to power surge or file system corrupt suddenly this can be recovered by data recovery tool. You can also recover RAW hard drive data & also other RAW external storage device using hard recovery tool. And it can be used to recover data from external devices too. It is user friendly with good GUI. It effectively recovers data from MacBook, iPod, iPhone, iMac, and other Mac devices. Demo version of this software is available freely, you can download and use it if you have lost data from hard drive. If you are satisfied with demo version, you can go with paid version to save lost data from hard drive.

Steps to recover data from Sata Hard Drive:

Step-1: Download and install demo version of hard drive data recovery software and launch successfully. Choose "Recover Volumes / Drives" option from main screen to recover hard drive.

Step-2: Select any option between "Volume Recovery" and "Formatted / Re Formatted Recovery" depending on your data loss scenario. Click on "NEXT" button to start recovering data.

Step-3:Once recovery of data is done it list the recovered data from hard drive and save the recovery session to restore recovered data to healthy drive whenever you needed.


The best option to avoid hard drive data loss in the future is to keep regular backup of your important hard drive files. Use a UPS to avoid corruption due to sudden power outage. Update your PC with powerful Antivirus program to avoid hard drive corruption.

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